Weight loss with weight watchers

Weight loss with weight watchers

Sunday, January 30, 2011

its been awhile....

So yes it has been awhile since I've updated this blog.

So I am going to update on here as much as I can since I havent made any videos
to give an update either.
Well I have started Weight Watchers,I have been on it for almost 2 weeks and I feel this
program is helping me a great deal i really think its working for me. I have almost lost 10lbs.
My husband recently Bought me a BodyBugg and It's really neat how it works. If you are not sure
what a bodybugg is Goggle it,lol its pretty cool how its works. it kind of gives me a proper idea of how much calories i am burning a day and if i need to step up my game and get in some working out. i really like it a lot.
i do highly recommend having one if you can fit it in your budget. WE actually saved to buy mine. but anyways things seem to be going awesome weight loss wise. The hubby also recently had his appendix removed so ive been taking care of him,hes kind of back to doing his own thing now though. So thats good. he will be leaving 13 days from today,makes me sad...but im trying to accept the whole idea of him being gone for so long so that when he does leave I'm not freakin out and getting all depressed. i know that would mess up my journey and i dont want that at all..im on a roll right now lol
anyways that's pretty much it for now if you are subbed to my Youtube channel you will see a more thorough update soon.


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